Clinical Psychology

About Dr. Phil. Janine

Dr. phil. Janine is an Australian trained Clinical Psychologist with a PhD in Psychology (Adelaide University, Australia). Dr. phil. Janine is passionate about psychology and what it has to offer the community.

Dr. phil. Janine has had 15 years’ experience in both public and private settings. Her areas of interest are in adult & adolescent mental health. People typically seek assistance for trauma related issues, feelings of anxiety, feelings of depression or moodiness, adjusting to motherhood, grief and loss and adjustments relating to life stages and events.

Some people also like to work on improving some aspects of themselves, such as their self-esteem, confidence, assertiveness skills, weight loss, communication style and their relationships.

Dr. phil. Janine uses a range of evidence-based approaches including cognitive-behaviour therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, schema therapy and Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR).

You will find Dr. phil. Janine’s approach warm and collaborative and she will endeavour to provide a safe environment for you to share your concerns and reach your therapeutic goals. She has extensive experience in providing short, medium or long term therapy.